Kult of Konsciousness: Kim-Anh Schreiber, Lila De Magalhaes, Audrey Hope

Karma (KA), The Dominatrix
Kween (KW), The Dreamer & Visionary
Khaos (KH), The Personality, who is always challenging others…
The Stagehand, dressed in black

SETTING: A kitchen. Three flowers, Karma, Kween, and Khaos, lounge and smoke cigarettes. A little drone is buzzing around recording them.

Karma enters. There’s music. Smiling and waving. Khaos sits up straight and purses lips. Kween is under a blanket. “Reality” begins.

KH: Hey Karma.

KA: Hey Family.


Kween sits at the table still wrapped in a blanket. Karma and Khaos sit to her left, their salads half-eaten.

KA: Do you like the décor changes I’ve made to the house, honey?

KW: Truthfully, I don’t think they’re significant enough.

KA: Significant enough?

KW: To wake me up out of this crotch-drying repetition and banality.

KH: The kitchen though. (looking around) I love what you’ve done to this kitchen. The lighting is great, flat and even. Flaw-less. Literally. I think if you can have a good kitchen, it doesn’t really matter where you live. You never have to go outside.

KW: Oh no. Outside? No. Why would you do that? We’re making memories.

Karma and Khaos turn towards Kween in unison.

KH: Kween, what are you going to do about getting out of the house. Are you just gonna stay inside and be a boring whore all your life?

KW: Khaos, staying inside is safe. I can think of nothing more disorienting than the dull roar of the unknown.

KH: That sounds like depression.

KW: It’s not. I would tell you. I’m an open book. Truthfully I’m trapped in my house. I’m trapped in my body. I’m trapped in the things people say about my body. I want a new body.

KH: You want it? You can have it. Go get it. You don’t have to lie under a fur blanket all day waiting for some other person to come suck at the teat of your poisoned apple. The revenge body – as I know – is the best body. That’s what everyone will remember, anyway.

KW: What?

KH: The latest version.

KA: (crying) There’s no worse feeling for a mother than seeing her child unhappy. People are sensitive. And no one has ever understood how sensitive my children really are. Well… (looking towards the camera) May the future bring us our narrative.

They break character for a second and smoke a cigarette, then straighten back up when The Stagehand brings a camera for them to take a selfie.

KA: Ok, so the reason I wanted us all to meet today is… I have an announcement.

KH: What? That the thirst is real?

KA: I have an idea for a new business venture. I think we should start a cult. The Kult of Konsciousness.

KH: You dumb Debbie Desperado. What do you mean by Konsciousness?

KA: Like what lives in the body and moves through space, that feels and remembers. We are alive in the minds of millions. We process our own issues, so others can understand theirs. We’re creating Konsciousness as we experience and transmit it – we have all of the material we need to write a religion! What would it sound like? Look like? Fabulous, I’m sure.

KW: You’re already everywhere! You’re so overexposed.

KH: You’re just over. And now you want to profit off my consciousness? Whatever – it just sounds like another way to extort us. You should pay me if you want to use my face in the branding.

KA: Pay you? I gave you a career!

KH: I gave you a career. Khaos and Kween. Name a pair more iconic. Go.

KA: I’m part of the brand too!

KW: Brand brand brand brand brand. Every hallway is a gallery of myself and I’m lost. I’m surrounded by cameras and the content keeps coming.

KA: I’m sorry – did I traumatize you?

KH: This performance echoes everywhere. I’m so bored.

KA: This is making me really sad… all I ever did was bring you to paradise.

Khaos lights up.

KH: Ma, I’ve got my own methods for filling the void.

Kween takes a contemplative bite of her salad. The Stagehand yells ‘CUT!’ and grabs a cig. Khaos, Kween, and Karma turn off their mics.


Kween is sitting alone at the table. Khaos walks on set.

KH: What are you doing?

KW: Just uploading photos onto my computer to make a blog…

Khaos lights up.

KW: Where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you.

KH: Where have you been looking?

KW: Your part of the house, Facebook, Instagram…

KH: – I was just outside dude.

KW: You’re lying.

KH: Bible.

KH: Do you even have a personality, or is it just bad acting?

Kween takes a bite of her petal salad.

KW: You guys… I think my water just broke.

KA: Oh my god. What’s the plan?

KW: I don’t have one. Where’s my foundation?

KA: (suddenly) Baby room…

KH: Do you have a baby room?

KA: Paint it Hermes blue… you could call it the Hermes blue room…

The Stagehand yells ‘CUT!’

They light up and smoke cigarettes dreamily.